Feb 16, 2009


Seated in the car at lonely darkly 7 a.m in the morning off to work..didnt realize it would be written like this...well it just so happened there was an annual "stock take"...its when they count all the books in out upside down under just to be ensured about the past sellings and etc...but the event that day really made my mind tuned in...seeing the importance of muhasabah...i took time doing that all day l0ng...

a glimpe on the results....

1. Walked around the lake..saw an artist drawing a totally "artistic" drawing of ALLAH's nature..i was astonished with this man..wow~but i regained consciousness...how foolish of me!!!
im adoring this man...but..but..but..i cant even adore ALLAH's creation when infact im seeing a much more beautiful potrait in every second of my life!!!!

2. Entering the surau for asar..saw many people praying..a bit relieved to this situation if compared to not seeing anyone at all..as usual i would give someone a pat on his back to get a jamaah...(this part is undesribable)..but to the conclusion directly..even many people were praying..i was the only one in a jamaah..relieved?take back those words..stupidity!!!they dont know whats better?!?!

>>>> " HAASIBU ANFUSAKUM QABLA' ANTUHAASABU " - hisablah diri kamu sebelum kamu dihisab. ( Saidina Umar Al-Khattab R.A )

*renungkn & silalah beramal (masih universal)

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[skeena] said...

yes,bermuhasabah is certainly the best way(at least for me)to improve ourselves.but looking at our society today,bermuhasabah only comes when one is in the middle of a problem.at that moment,barulah nak sedar,menyesal,sedih,meraung and so on.friends,bermuhasabah it's not just about regretting your wrongdoings.you can bermuhasabah about everything that deals with life.so my dear buddy munir,teruskan bermuhasabah.i'm sure it happens not just at the lake or in the surau ^_^