Jun 22, 2011


When coming out of the examination hall..

some prefer stepping away from the spot light,

a few feel relieved,

one or two like to pretend being macho i guess,

but when they go back home...


the unpredictable happens,

pseudo precocious puberty maybe,

some wishing they were superheroes,

but being honest...


most if not all of us feel tired,

extremely exhausted,

we feel as if we can't go on anymore,

but look over there!

he's still smiling,

maybe a little bit different type of smile,

but still a sincere smile right?

because we still have each other by our sides,

because HE is always there watching,


may our tiredness of today,

bring us blessfull earnings up there....

this is a true story,

even the pembangkang are raising their hands in support. :)


* "mumtaz untuk ummah".


AmmarHamzah said...

terbaik lah.
together reaching greatness..??

something like that..

syafiqah.rahmat said...
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Putera Maahad91 said...

mmg nice gambar Suaidi di situ...

-hazen said...

ha ha

Ramadhan Awang said...


Anonymous said...

hik3..bgusnya post entry style gni..