Dec 27, 2009


Dear God,

I know you already know whats in my heart right this second, you always know.But, it just slipped my mind that its nothing wrong for me to write to you.Right?(coz i always do)

God of the heavens and the earth,

I feel like surrending all the time.I'm sorry for being so.I guess i'm not that strong as i think i am.I'm only strong when your there.There in my heart.No wonder i feel lonely sometimes.I bet its because i'm very forgetful.

Dear God,

I've been going through quite a lot lately.People might see me just in my normal calm state.But you know right?As usual, your the only one who knows.This burden you've put on me is terribly heavy.No kidding.But i'm not shy to cry in front of you.It makes me feel a lot better.Thank you.

My one and only God,

I want to be strong.I have to be strong.I must be strong.But I can only be strong with you by my side.I'm trying to keep holding on here.Because i want to make it through.Through to your heavens up there.Please make this way easy for me.Honestly.

Your humble servant,

Asyura 1431 H.

"Qul aamantu billah summastaqim"

-Katakanlah aku beriman kepada ALLAH kemudian ber

*umum.ringkas sahaja.
*exam makin dekat.


HiJau said...

aku ade munir. hehe

jom dtg umah aku. aku pn tapenah dtg umah kau. hoh

iQh said...

Bait-bait ad-Duha pengubat hati. Sekali dengan al-Insyirah.


munir said...

iQh <-- jzkk..slalu je bc

maryammardhiah said...

may ALLAH ease ur strong..stay every effort u gives,ALLAH know the best for ya..amin