Jul 8, 2010



Has been quite a while since i've posted anyting in this blog.Just a little update.Tonight its israk mikraj.Reminds me of my mother infact.Usually, during israk mikraj she would just come to me and say, "Happy Birthday Munir!".I think shes the only person that would say that to me.


Yes.I was born on the night of isra
k mikraj.27th Rejab.Maelish Ibu.I'm not coming home this summer.You do know better that your my one and only girlfriend(including Tasneem).


Tomorrow night i'll be heading to the airpo
rt.Not going home as many of my friends are.I'll be performing my umrah.Yakni biiznillah.May my 14 days there bring much barakah and serenity to my soul and upcoming actions in life.Barakallahu fiik. (*Ringkas.)


Thaaqhib Mohammed said...

munir, selamat hari jadi. suka!

Imah^^Arisa said...

sanah helwah ya gameel!!!!

munir said...

suka ape ni thaaqhib.tbe.maelish.

maryammardhiah said...

happy belated birthday munir (:

Anonymous said...

umrah? untungnya