Oct 17, 2010


I've been on the bench quite a while.Not writing, just reading, understanding, translating, reforming, learning.Praise be to Allah, it gave me blessful time to think deeply.
Tarbiyah in Egypt is more towards depth rather than width.Tarbiyah does not make us more well known neither well praised, it makes us stand firmly.
It does not change us, it rejuvenates us, it nourishes us with refreshments, it ensures us to be contented with what we have, but in the same time it teaches us..the more we give, the more we earn..earning in the sense far away from worldly cherish but in hope of true love.


I believe that in every soul there must surely be a desire to be kind, to help people, to smile and make people feel comfortable, feel safe.
Even if our facial expression does not say so.Even though our facial nerve is obstructed or damaged, leading to inability to show anxiety, joy, pity, and sadness.The feeling and heartful tendency to show a helping hand, to ease other peoples burden is always there.
But then, what differentiates us muslim with others.


Ikhwah, what gives us fuel and energizes us to do good is not the same as others.Yes, true.It comes from our heart.But in addition to that, it comes from our faith.Faith in God.God of both dunya' wal akhirat.But faith itself has its ups and downs.
That is why in the Holy Quran, God reminds us in this verse.

Therefore, when thou art free (from thine immediate task), still labour hard,

And to thy Lord turn (all) thy attention.

Aayat 7-8.Surah 94 - Al Sharh.

Sai'd Qutb in his writing, "Fi Zilalul Quran".He mentions that the phrase "still labour hard" gives an attention to us that after every deed or work that we have finished or completed.It is important for us turn low a while, to provide some time to fullfill our soul by "And to thy Lord turn (all) thy attention".
After working hard on a task given, we must profide time to give food to our soul in reading the quran, perfoming prayer, istighfar etc.Only after that we continue on working.

*This is not me.Fine and living.May Allah bless.My English is bad.Maelish.


Anis Azmi said...

great post.
keep up the good work :)
p/s: nice english~

Abul Akmal Arif Bin Anuar said...

akhirnya kau menulis semula
puas aku bangkitkan semangat kau dengan menspam facebook dengan link blog aku
sayang munir

Anis Azmi said...

tahap keperasanan abul smakin mnjdi2..

عمار حمزة said...

all TRUE.

munir said...

terima kasih Anis, Abul, Ammar.

Is said...

rindu entry dari abang munir~tibe

ariqhakim said...


It seems like its not only me who speaks as if i've forgotten my root? ;) Its a compliment, btw.

Indeed ya akhi, what was written comes from a peaceful heart (i reckon) as it really comes into the heart when one read it?

I believe the others felt the same.

Biiznillah, we will meet again. Many things to be shared, eh? ;)

munir said...

ariqhakim <--akhi aussie!maelish slalu x bls kt fb.ana slalu on.tp x de dpn laptop.my fault.inshallah kite jumpe lagi.x pun kite jumpe kat "atas" sane tu ok jgk kn.kheir. ^_^

Anonymous said...

No worries bro!

We'll keep in touch here, and in our du'a. InsyaAllah.


Ummu Nailah said...

alhamdulillah. syukran for the very wise content.

keep up the gud work =)